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Darryl's body is very weakened from ALS1February 17, 2018Details
Untitled1February 17, 2018Details
A Prayer For Nancy1July 9, 2017Details
A Prayer For Sharon1July 8, 2017Details
Please Pray For Me5July 5, 2017Details

Darryl's body is very weakened from ALS

Jeanne M
URGENT Please pray for Darryl. His body requires the Almighty Master's touch and perfect healing power. His body is very weakened from ALS. Please pray with me believing in the Creator, HIS truth, HIS power, HIS mercy and HIS perfection that will make Darryl completely whole being careful to give the Almighty Master and Creator of ALL things praise, honor and glory for HIS perfect light and perfect healing. Thank you so much for praying with me for Darryl's complete healing - Jeanne


Jeanne M

A Prayer For Nancy

My friend Nancy needs to hear from God. She is a wonderful lady with terrible luck. Life just always seems to serve her up lemons that are not able to turned into lemonade. She is in desperate need of a life sustaining job. Her collage training is in the field of speech pathology and that would be her preferred field of work.

A Prayer For Sharon

Sharon has scoliosis and pain management has not been able to reduce her pain. She is scheduled for another procedure next month and we need God to lead the Dr's hand to be able to do something to reduce the pain. Thanks

Please Pray For Me

Please pray for me.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.